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                               A SELECTION

                       Name       Tons       Year       Where
                                                       Built        Built  

               ADELAIDE - iron  scew steamer-
               1,859 1852  Millwall
                Im 1853, made one return voyage
                In 1854, taken by the Government as a
                transport in the Crimean War.  in 1860
                the vessel was sold.
               "The new screw steamer Adelaide."
              ILN, Vol. 21 1852(Jul-Dec), pg. 504

             AMAZON -  wooden hull paddle steamer , 2,256t 1851 Blackwall
             Destroyed by fire early in  her maiden voyage to the West Indies in
             January 1852.
Of 163 on board only 59 survived, This tragedy  led to
             the Admiralty's acceptance of iron hull vessels
 for the carriage of mail.
             "The Royal Mail Packet Company ship Amazon Burnt on Sunday"
             ILN, Vol.20. 1852 (Jan-Jun), pg.

             ANTELOPE -  iron auxiliary scew steamer -
             600t 1846 Liverpool
.  The first of a projected
             eight vessels for the Brazil trade.  In 1852, with
             the Australian gold rush at its height the vessel
             was purchased by a Liverpool Partnership for
             the Australian trade  She made a return vvoyage
             to Melbourne in 1853. The Lloyds Register
             has her in the Australian trade up to 1858
             "The Antelope Australian steam-shp"
             ILN, Vol. 22, 1853(Jan-Jun), pg.96

             ARGO-  iron screw steamer
             1,815t 1853 London
.  In 1853 and 1854,
             the vessel made two return voyages
             Southampton-Melbourne-Sydney.  In 1855
             became a Crimean War transport. In 1859
             she was wrecked in Newfoundland.
             "The steam-ship Argo in a cyclone off
             the Island of  Desolation"

              ILN, Vol. 23, 1853 (Jul-Dec), pg. 400

            BOSPHOROUS - iron screw steamer -
            445t 1849 Blackwall
,  In 1854 made one return
            voyagefrom Southampton to Melbourne and
            Sydney returning via the Cape for the General
            Screw Steam Shiiping Co. She was sold in 1859'
            and was wrecked in 1867 at the Cape Colony.
Bosphorous screw propeller steam vessel."
                   ILN, Vol. 15, 1849(Jul-Dec), pg. 156

                    CLEOPATRA - iron screw steaner -
                    1,500t 1852, Dumbarton.  In 1852, made a
                    voyage from Liverpool  to Adelaude, .

                    Melbourne and Sydney.
                    "The new Australian steam ship Cleopatra."
                   ILN, Vol. 21, 1852(Jul-Dec), pg. 181

                  CROESUS - iron screw steamer -
                  2,700t 1853 Blackwall
.  In 1854, made one return
                  voyage Southampton to  Melbourne and Sydney
                  for the General Screw Steam Shipping Co. Became

                  trooptransport in the Crimean War, and in 1855
 destroyed by fire in the Gulf opf Genoa.
                  "The Croesus leaving Portsmouth harbour with
                   the Wiltshire Militia onboard."
                   ILN Vol.26, 1855(Jan-Jun), pg. 276

                  ERL KING - iron auxiliary screw steamer -
                  1,344t 1865 Glasgow

                  'The auxiliary screw steamer Erl King, built
                  at Glasgow for theAustralian and China trade."   
                  ILN, Vol. 48, 1866(Jan-Jun), pg. 104
                  National Library of Australia

                   GREAT BRITAIN -  iro screw steamer
                   22,500t 1843 Bristol

                   "Great Britain steam-ship to be launched at
                    Bristol next Wednesday July 10."
                   ILN, Vol.. 3, 1843(Jul-Dec), pg. 95.

                   GREAT BRITAIN  22,500t 1843 Bristol
                   (1852, with four masts)

                   "The Great Britain steam ship "
                   ILN Vol. 20, 1852(Jan-Jun), pg.165.

                   GREAT EASTERN -  iro paddle and screw steamer
                   18,915t 1859 Millwall

                   "Shipping the Atlantic telegraph cable
                    on board the Great Eastern."

                                                      ILN, Vol. 46, 1865(Jan-Jun), pg

                   GREAT VICTORIA -iron screw steamer
                   2,278t 1854 Nantes

                   "The screw steamer Great Victoria one of a line of auxiliary
                   steam-clippers to Australia established by Messrs. Baines
                   & Co, of Liverpool."
                   ILN, Vol. 43, 1863(Jul-Dec), pg. 393.

                   HELENA SLOMAN - 1850 Hull
                   Owned by Robert Sloman of Hamburg
                   She was put in the Haburg- Hull service.
                   She was abandoned at sea on her third
                   voyage in this service.
                   Tne Helena Sloman stesm-ship.  

                   ILN, Vol. 17, 1850(Jul-Dec), pg.53

                   HIMALAYA- iron screw steamer
                   3438t 1853 Blackwall
                   "The Himalaya steam ship."
                    ILN, Vol. 24, 1854(Jan-Jun), pg. 48

                    HIMALAYA- as a troop-ship in in 1860
                    Taken by the Government as a trooper in
                    the Crimean War she was subsequently
                    purchased by the Admiralty and used as
                    a transport

                    "The Himalaya troop-ship, with the
                    Armstrong batteries for China"

                     ILN, Vol. 36, 1860(Jan-Jun), pg.97

                    IBERIA - wood hull paddle steamer --
                    516t 1836 London.  In 1837 inaugurated
                    a monthly mail serice London-Oporto-
                    "The steam ship Iberia with
                     'Cuningham's patent topsail'."

                     ILN, Vol 18, 1851(Jan-Jun), pg. 207

                    JOHN ELDER - iron steamer
                    4,151t 1869 Glasgow
- Named as a tribute
                    for Elder's development of the compound
and its importance to steam navigation.
                    "The steam-ship John Elder for the Liverpool
                    and Valparaiso Line"

                       ILN, Vol.58, 1871(Jan-Jun), pg. 249

                    MELBOURNE (ex-HMS GREENOCK)
                    iron screw steamer - 1,450t  1849 Greenock

                    Melbourne, with illustrations of the ship's
                    interior as a hospital ship.  After 1858,
                    converted to a sailing vessel
                  ILN, Vol. 36, 1860(Jan-Jun), pg. 53

                  MOOLTAN - 2,152t 1861 London
                  "The Peninsular and Oriental Company's
                  new steamship Mooltan."

                 ILN, Vol. 39, 1861(Jul-Dec), pg. 110/

- iron screw steamer
                 528t 1851 Dumbarton
                 Wrecked 30/11/54
                 "The Nile, scew steam ship wrecked off Godeevy Point."
                   ILN, Vol.25, 1854 (Jul-Dec), pg. 612

                  NORTHUMBERLAND - iron screw  steamer
                  1.898t 1871 London
- 1882 sold to Shaw Savill 
                   & Albion Co and converted to sail
                  "The Northumberland Money Wigram Line,
                   London to Melbourne."

                   ILN, Vol.. 60, 1872(Jan-Jun), pg. 121

                  ORIENT  - iron screw steamer -
                  5,386 1879 Glasgow
                  "The new steam ship Orient ot the Orient Steam
                  Navigation Company's line for Australia."
                  ILN, Vol. 75, 1879(Jul-Dec), pg. 317

                  ORMUZ -steel screw steamer
                  6,031t 1886 Glasgow

                  "The Orieni Line steam-ship Ormuz."
                  ILN Vol. 90, 1887(Jan-Jun), pg. 559

                  PRINCE - iron auxiliary screw steamer
                  2,710t 1854 Blackwall
                  Chartered on completion as a transport ffor
                  the Crimean War.. Lost in agale in the Black
                  Sea in November 1854

                  "The screw stean-ship Prince, wrecked
                  off Balaclava harbour."
                         ILN, Vol.25, 1854(Jul-Dec), pg. 612

                         QUEEN OF THE SOUTH -  iron screw steamer -
                         1,825t 1852 Blackwall
- Built for the Australian trade. Made
                         one return voyage in 1854 to Melbourne and Sydney.  Sold
                         and renamed in 1859 and resold and renamed twice more.
.                        1861, converted to sail by thelast owners. 1885 wrecked.
                         "The General Screw Steam Ship Company's new vessel
                          Queen of the South."
                                                            ILN, Vol. 20, 1852(Jan-Jun), pg. 413      

                        QUEEN OF THE THAMES -iron screw steamer
                        2,617t 1870 Glasgow
.  Devitt & Moore's first steamship.
                        1871, wrecked off the Cape Colony in the return lourney
                        from her maiden voyge.to Melbourne.  
                        "The new steam-ship Queen of the Thames." 
                         ILN, Vol. 57, 1870(Jul-Dec), pg.457

                        ROYAL CHARTER - auxiliary iron screw steamer --
                        2,719t 1855 Chester
- In 1859,returning from a
                        second voyage to Melbourne, she anchored
 in a
                        gale off the coast of Anglsey. Ihe cables parted
                        and she
was driven ashore
                        "The Liverpool and AustralianSteam Navigation
                         Company's new steam-clipper Royal Charter."

                        ILN, Vol.27, 1855(Jul-Dec), pg. 765

                        SOMERSETSHIRE - auxiliary iron screw steamer -
                        2342t 1967 Blackwall
.  From 1867 t0 1880, on the
                        London to Melbourne and Sdney run.  1881, sold ,
                        renamed and conveted to sail.
                        "The auxiliary screw iron ship Somersetshire,
                        for the Australian trade.".
                       ILN , Vol. 51, 1867(Jul-Dec), pg. 200

                        SYDNEY - iron screw steamer -
                        1,391t 1852 Dumbarton
.nt.  In 1852 and 1853 made
                        return voyages London-Capetown-Melbourne-Sydney.
                        1854 taken up as a transport for the Crimean War. 1857,
                        sold to the East India Company, 1863 sold to the British
                        Indis S.N. Co. I866, sold to the Egyptian Government...
                        "The screw steam-ship Sydney built for the
                        Australian Royal Mail Steam Navigatopn Company.:
                        ILN, Vol. 22, 1853(Jan-Jun), pg.245

                        VICEROY-  iron screw steamer
                        2,225t 1871 London
.  built by R & H
                        Creen for the compamy's shipping

                        line for their India service. The ship
                        sold,in 1883.; The vessel foundered
                        after being abandoned on a voyage
 New Orleans to Bremen in Dec.
. It was carrying  a cargo of
                        cotton and maize.
                        "The screw steam-ship Viceroy for the Suez Canal"
                        ILN, Vol. 59, 1871(Jul-Dec), pg. 368


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                              Century - the Macpherson Collection with
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