2. JOHN RAPHAEL

                  J.R.Isaac lived and worked in Liverpool  and created
                  lithographs of  the ships of  Henry Threlfall Wilson and
                  John Pilkington's White Star Line.  In the 1850s, the
                  White Star Line in compatition with James Baines & Co.
                  in the Australian trade.  Both companies expanding with
                  the demand for passages to Melbourne in the Gold Rush
                  Of interest is the close similarity between two of Isaac's
                  lithographs of the clipper ships Lightning and Red Jacket
                  with similar lithographs by N. Currier in New York. Isaac. 
                  made his lithograph for Lightning for James Baines & Co
                  and of Red Jacket for Messrs. Wilson and Pilkington,
                  There are no dates on his lithographs so it is not possible to
                  tell which came first.- the Isaac or Currier versions. Living
                  in Liverpool, Isaac would have had the opportunity of first
                  hand accounts of Red Jacket's encounter with the ice when
                  it reached Liverpool.  

                A.  SAIL

                 ARABIAN - 1068t 1852 St Johns, New Drunswick
                 J.R. Isaac, hand coloured lithograph, 184?
                 National  Librarary of Australia

                CREST OF THE WAVE  856t 1853 Sunderland
                Caption: "The clipper ship 'Crest of the Wave'
                656 Tons Register Messrs EC Friebd & Co Owners
                J.R. Isaac, artist, engraver and publisher  
                Royal Musrums Greenwich, London
                Coloured lithograph. Image PU6460

                LIGHTNING -1468rt 1854 East Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
                Caption: "The clipper ship 'Lightning' 1769 Tons Register
                Messrs. James Baines & Co Owners" 
                J.R. Isaac, artist, engraver and publisher, 19th century
                Royal Museums Greenwich, London
                Coloured lithograph. Image PU6464

               MERMAID, 1,321t, a soft wood clipper built byM'Donald,
               St. John, New Brunswick
in 1853. Bought by Pilkington and
               Wilson's White Star Line in 1854 and put in the
               trade.  She is one of the White Star ships listed for carrying  
               the mail to
 Australia in the mail contracts of 1855.  She
               carried emigrants to Melbourne until
she was sold in 1867.
               In Dec. 1883, she left Liverpool for Quebec but was wrecked

               on the coast near Southport. 
               J.R. Isaac, artist, circa 1853
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London
               Coloured lithograph. Image  PY8542

               RED JACKET - 2,305t 1854 Rockland, Maine, U.S.A.
               Inscribed "Clipper ship Red Jacket Captain Reed
               of the White Star Line of Australian Packets

               Among iceon her passage from Melbourne to
               Liverpool... 27th August 1854".

                J.R. Isaac, artist, engraver and publisher, 19th century 
                Royal Museums Greenwich, London
                Coloured lithograph. Image  PY8538

               RED JACKET - (as abov)
               Caption: The White Star Clipper Ship 'RED JACKET'
               of 1597 Tons Per Register. 
               J.R. Isaac, no date
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London
               Coloured lithograph.  PAD6461

               SPRAY OF THE OCEAN - 805t 1854 Sunderland
               Inscribed: "The Clipper Ship Spray of the Ocean
               built by Mr William Pile of Sutherland.
               Liverpool Line of Australian Packets.
               J.R. Isaac, engraver abd publisher, 19th century
               C.P. Williams, artist
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London
               Coloured lithograph. Image PY8549

               WHITE STAR (ex BLUE JACKET) - 2,340t  1854
               St Johns, New Brunswick

               Caption: "The Australian clipper 'White Star' one of
               Messrs. Pilkington & Wilson's White Star Lineof packets."
                J.R. Isaac, artist, 19thy century
                Royal Museums Greenwich, London
                Coloured lithograph.  Image 8271 

               B. STEAM

               CITY OF WASHINGTON- 2,380gt 1855 Glasgow
               Caption: 'The screw steam ship 'City of Washington'
               2380 tons, 450 horse powerand the property of the
               Liverpool & Philadelphia Steam Ship Company."
               J.R.Isaac, date unknown
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London 
               Coloured lithograph. ImagePU6749

               PERSIA - 3,300gt 1856 Glasgow
               Caption: "The British  & North American Royal Mail
               Steam Packet 'Persia' 3300 tons,horse power 1000."
               J.R Isaac, artist, engraver and publisher, 19th century
               Royal Museums Greenwich
               Coloured lithograph. Image PU6753

              ROYAL CHARTER - 2,719gt 1854 Sandycroft (near Chester)
              Iron screw steamer.

              Caption: "The Liverpool and Australian Navigation
              Company's steam clipper 'Royal Charter'."
               J.R.Isaac, engraver and publisher, 1856
               Samuel Walters, artist
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London
               Coloured lithograph. Image 6133


              1. The Royal Museums Greenwich, London

              2. The National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT