THOMAS GOLDWORTH DUTTON
               .                                   (Images in alphabetic order)

               ANCONA (3081gt) and VERONA (3116gt) - iron screw
               steamers -both built1879 Greenock - Peninsular& Oriental Line.. -
               Two of a class of five sister ships (Ancona, Rohilla, Rosetta  and
               Ravenna) built for a fortnightly Australian mail service..
               "The Peninsular  Oriental Steam Navigation Compys.Ships Ancona
               and Verona built and engined by Messrs Caird & Co. Greenock"
               T.G. Dutton , artist
               Coloured lithograph: 19th century
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY5289)

               ASIA -  wood paddle steamer 2226gt 1850  Glreenock -
               Cunard Line.  A wooden hulled paddle steamer. On her maiden voyage
               she made a record passage of 9 days 14 hours from  Boston to Liverpool.
               Her last sailing with Cunard was in 1867. She was sold and converted to sail.
               (Admiralty rules provided that ships carrying mail should have wooden hulls
               and be paddle steamers..These rules wer changed after the Royal Mail Line's
               'Amazon" was lost by fire in Jan. 1852.)
               'The Ruyal Mail  Steam Ship Asia 2,800 tons,
                800 h.p.  Captain C.H.E. Jenkins"

               S. Walters, artist                
               T.G. Dutton, lithographer
               Ackerman & Co, publishers
               Coloured lithograph:   
               From Captain H, Parker and Frank C. Bowen's
               "Mail and Passenger Steamships of the Nineteenth Century"

               AUSTRAL - 5524gt 1881 Glasgow Orient Line. Made her
            maiden voyage via Suez to Melbourne and Sydneyin Jan. 1882.  
            In Nov. 1882 she sank in Sydney harbour while taking on coal.
            She was refloated in Mar. 1883 and returned to her builders for
            repair. In 1884 she was chartered for eight months to the Anchor
            Line for their Liverpool -New York service, and returned to her
            service to Australia in Nov. of that wear. 1n 1900. she was a
            troopship in the Boer War.  In 1902, she wa scrapped.  

               "Steam ship Austral belonging to the Orient
               Steam Navigation Company Limited"
               T.G. Dutton ,artist
               Coloured lithograph: circa 1868=1874
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY5294)

               CROESUS - Iron screw steamer - 2700t 1853 Blackwall -
            General Screw Steam Shipping Co. Designed and built
            to win the mai, contract to Australia.  She made only
            one return voage  to Australia before being taken as a
            troop ship in the Crimean War.  She was sent to Italy
            to pick up Sardinian troops but caught fire in the Gulf
            of Genoa. She was run ashore and became total wreck.

                 "The General Screw Steam Shipping Company's
                 Screw Steam Ship 'Croesus". John Vine Hall,
                 Commander, 2,500 Tons 400 H.P."

                 T.G. Dutton, del. et lith
                 Day & Son, lithographers
                 H.J. Buchan, publisher 
                 Lithograph: Jan. 1854
                 From Captain H. Parker and Frank C Bowen;s
                "Mail and Passenger Steamshipsof the Nineteenth

                 EGMONT - iron screw auxiliary (80HP) brig - 401t 1864 Renfrew -
                 Panama, N.Z. & Aus. R.M. Co (1864-1869), Australasian S.N. Co
                 (1869-1887), legthened and re-engined in 1875 (670gt), A.U.S.N. Co
                 (1887-1889), several other owners before hulhed at Fremantle 1900.
                 Scuttled 1910.

                "Screw steam ship Egmont, 516 tons O.M. 80 H.P. nominal"           
                William Foster, publisher
                T.G. Dutton, creator
                Lithograph:  1864
                Australian National Library
                Libraries Australia ID  9537936

                 ERL KING -auxiliary screw steamship - 1344t - 1864 - Glasgow
             Made one voyage to Australia and in 1865 .rebuilt to 1604t and
in the China trade

                "The Australian and China screw steam
                clipper Erl King, John Pinel Commander"
                T.G. Dutton, creator
                Day & Son, publishers
                Coloured lithograph: 1865
                National Library of Australia

               GREAT BRITAIN - iron screw steamer - 3443t 1843 Bristol
                Four masted rig adopted in 1852.  Made atrial passage to New
                Yoyk in May 1852 and then made its first passage to Australia.
               'The Iron Steam Ship 'Great Britain' 3,500 Tons, 500 Horse Power
              Lithograph by T.G. Dutton after S. Walters 1852
              Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY8914)

 GREAT EASTERN - iron steamer-18,914gt 1858 Thames.
              Designed by I.K.runel with both paddle and screw propulsion. There
              were four engines In 1860, she started her commercial career in the
              transatlantic servuce to New York but this was not a commercial success.
              In 1865 to 1873, she was engaed laying the Atlantic telegraph cable and
              other cable work for which she was successful. In 1887 she was sold to
              ship breakers.                  
              "The Great Eastern Steam Ship, 22500 tons.
              The Great Ship Company (Limited) Owners...
              T.G. Dutton, artist & engraver
              Day & Son, printers
              William Foster, publisher    
              Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY7064)


              INDOMITABLE -wooden screw steamer - 1701tt 1855
              Sunderland - Australian Auxiliary Steam Clipper Co

              Made one return voyage London - Melbourne
              "The Australian Auxiliary Steam Clipper Company.s
              (Limited) screw steamship Indomitable / T.G. Dutton
              del. et lith."

              T.G. Dutton, artist and lithographer
              Published: Illustrated London News
              Print -wood engraving: date ?
              Australian National Library
              Libraries Australia ID 9486229

               INDUS, 1847 & RIPON, 1846 - Peninsular & Orient Line
               Indus- iron  paddlle steamer - 1396gt 1847 Blackwall
               Ripon - iron paddle steamer - 1508gt 1846 Blackwall

               "The Peninsular and Uriental Stea Navigation
              Company's Indus and Ripon"
              T.G. Dutton, artist, engraver& publisher
              Day & Son, engravers
              Coloured lithograph: 19th century
              Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY8932)  

              ISTANBOUL, wooden screw steamer - 1470t 1856
- Australian  Auxiliary Steam Clipper Co
              Made two return voyages London- Melbourne
              "Sdrew ship Istanboul / T.G. Dutton del. et lith.;
              Day & Son lithrs to the Queen"

              T.G. Dutton, creator
              Day & Son, other creators
              William Foster, publisher
              Hand-coloured lithograph: 188?
              Australian National Library
              Libraries Australia ID 9224400

              KENT - iron screw steamer 2484t 1876 Blackwall
              Wigram & Sons.  In London, Melbourne and Sydney
              service. Ib 1880 sold to Spanish owners
              "The auxiliary S.S. Kent,, 239 tons /T.G. Dutton
              del. et lith.; M. & N. Hanhart imp."

              T.G. Dutton, creator
              M & N Hanhart. other creators
              W.G. Foster, publisher  
              Hand -coloured lithograph: Sept. 20, 1876
              Australian National Library
              ( 9576861)

               LIMA -iron paddle steamer - 1461gt 1851 Glasgow
               Pacific Steam Navigation Co. 1851 maiden voyage Liverpool to
               Valparaiso.  In 1854, lengthened and re-engined.1863, wrecked
               off an island in southern Chile
               "The Pacific Steam Navigation Company's Royal
              Mail Steam Ships, 'Lima' & 'Quito' of 1,125 Tons
              and 450 horse power Each."

              Wm Clark, artist
              FR.g. Dutton, lithographer
              Day & Son, lthographers
              William Clark, Grenock, publisher
              Lithograph: March 1852
              From Captain H. Parker and Frank C. Bowen's
              "Mail and Passenger Steamships of the Nineteenth Century"


NORFOLK - iron screw steamer - 3254t 1879 Blackwall -
              Wigram & Sons. In London, Melbourne and Sydney service.
              In 1882,, sold to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co renamed
              La Plata. Sold again in 1893, and twice more in 1895 amd 1898. 
              In 1908, foundered after a collision with another steameroff Dungeness
           " Messrs. Money Wigram & Sons steam ship Norfolk
           3196 tons, 2.500 horsepower / T.G. Dutton  delt. et lith.
           John B. Day lith., etc"   
           T.G. Dutton, creator
           John B. Day, other creator and publisher  

              Hand coloured lithograph: Oct. 3 1879
              Australian National Library

               NORTHUMBERLAND - iron screw steamer - 2178t  - Blackwall -
               1871 -Wigram & Sons Line. On London-Melbourne - Sydney run
               until 1881. Sold 1882 to Shaw Savill & Albion Co who converted
               the vessel to sail.  In 1887, wrecked  at Napier, New Zealand.
               "Messrs. Money Wigram & Sons Australian steamship Northumberland,
               500 horse power, 2180 tons / T.G. Dutton delt. et lith."

               T.G. Dutton, creator
               William Foster, publisher
               Hand-coloured lithograph: Dec. 20, 1871
               Australian National Library

               ORIENT -  iron screw steamer 5386t 1879 Glagow
            Orient Line. On London, Nelbourne and Sydney run.
            In 1884, electric lihying installed.  1898 modernised
            and re-engined.  1899-1902 used as a troop transport.
            1903 resumed its Australia service. 1910 sold to ship

               The Orient Steam Navigation Company's steamer
               'Orient' Built and Engined by John Elder & Co."
            By and after T.G.Dutton
            Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY5285)

PACIFIC - iron paddle steamer -1469t, 1854 Millwall.  
               Sydney & Melbourne S.P. Co (1854-1858), returned to U.K.1858,
               H. Taylor & Partners (1858-1859), Atlantic Royal Mail S,N. Co.
               (1859-1861), H. Lafone (1865-1866), converted to screw steamer
              1866, United States & United Kingdom S.S. Line (1866-1871),
               wrecked on the Shetland Islands 1871..
               "The Sydney and Melbourne Steamship Company's
               iron steamship Pacific.."
               Joshua Taylor, del.
               T.G. Dutton, lith.
               Ackerman & Co, publisher
               Hand-coloured lithograph: Mar. 18, 1854
               Australian National Library 
               Libraries Australia ID 9576713 

            SULTAN -  iron sgrew steamer - 2502t 1873 Blackwall
               Built by R & H Green for the Flackwall Line's India trade. In
               1879, made a return voyage via Suez to Melbourne and Sydney
               for the Orient Line.  Sold later in 1879 to a Spanish owner.

               Foundered in 1889 off tnorthern Spain.
             "Screw Steam ship 'Sultan' 2225 Toms,
               240 H.P.W.F. Owen Commander"

               T.G. Dutton, artist
               William Foster
               Coloured lithograph
               Royal  Museums Greenwich, London (PY9333)

               VICEROY - iron screw steamer - 2477t 1871 Blackwall
                Built by R & H Green at Blacwall for the Blackall Lines
                trade with India.  Sold in 1883 to W.J. Jobling..  Abandoned
                and foundered in 1886 ona voyage New Orleans to Bremen
                with a cargo of cotton and maize     
               "Steam Ship Viceroy, 2225 tons, 240 H.P.
               J.H. Taylor Commander"
               William Foster
               Coloure lithograph: Sept. 1871                  
               Royal Museums Greenwich, London (PY9328)



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